Samsung brings the 9 note in silver and brings a black model to the United States

The Galaxy Note 9 is unavailable for over a month, the time has come for Samsung to put it back in the spotlight with new colors. Although strange enough, the standard color options are silver and black.

At first, Grade 9 in the United States was only available in blue and lavender. It was an interesting change because mobile phones are often only available in black and white. It also meant that these standard and weakened color options were not available. (The black version started in other countries.)

Now, the Samsung corrects. The United States will be the first country to get the number 9 in “cloud silver”, starting October 5 with Best Buy and its own website. The “Midnight Black” model should be released on October 12, although it appears to be available on the AT & T website.

Samsung likes to release new colors on its phones a few months after launch, likely to spark interest after spending time in the stores. It’s not a bad strategy, but things usually go in the opposite direction – start with tighter colors and add something more interesting afterwards. For the Galaxy S9, for example, Samsung has subsequently brought a golden color to the United States (and a sparkling burgundy that has been sold elsewhere).

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