Consumer Reports Returns Recommendation to Microsoft Surface Laptops

Consumer reports have announced that they are once again recommending Microsoft’s Surface laptops after removing their “recommended” badge from the computer lineup last year due to their pronounced reliability issues.

But “Microsoft’s reliability is now comparable to that of most other brands of laptops,” said Martin Lachter, senior research associate at Consumer Reports. This is great news for Microsoft and anyone who wants to buy surface equipment in October.

Consumer Reports initially disapproved of its recommendations after a survey of 90,000 owners of laptops and tablets revealed that 25% of Surface users had this device by the end of the second year. The last survey concluded that this was no longer the case (although the recommendation website did not announce the exact numbers for this year’s survey).

The newly obtained recommendation applies to most Microsoft Surface solutions, including Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book 2. In particular, the recently released Surface Go 10-inch is missing, but the recommendation badge will not perform well in laboratory tests of consumer reports. , not in terms of reliability.

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